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Equine Services

A horse's performance can be related directly to dental problems.  Star Equine has the equipment and knowledge necessary to perform routine dental exams and to equilibrate (float) your horse's mouth.
Star Equine has both motorized and hand floats to correct sharp points, malocclusions, waves, hooks, and other dental abnormalities.  Extractions can be performed including deciduous baby teeth. Call for complete dental exam.


Star Equine offers advanced important diagnostics for your horse’s needs. Using state of the art digital ultrasonography and digital radiology, Star Equine is able to correctly assess issues ranging from lameness to dental conditions.

Preventative Medicine

If you want your horse to live a long healthy life, preventative medicine is necessary.  Preventative measures and routine patient care such as vaccinations, Coggins, deworming, routine physical exams, health certificates, and nutrition consulting are offered at Star Equine Vet.

Soundness Evaluation/Lameness

Star Equine’s  equipment allows us to specialize in lameness issues, purchase examinations, and advanced regenerative medicine as a treatment option.  Dr. Ziel has the clinical knowledge and diagnostic capability to completely evaluate your horse whether for potential performance limiting orthopedic issue or a potential new purchase, using  digital radiology, digital  ultrasonography  diagnostic nerve blocks, joint injections, therapeutic shoeing, and regenerative medicine to correctly diagnose and treat your lameness issues.



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